The following testimonials are genuine and unsolicited. From them you can gather just how committed we are to giving you the best products with unrivalled service. 


“A family member left behind some of your nettle moisturiser. I tried it and love it. I have had nothing like it.”

Mrs MacDonald, Inverness


 “My mother was 91 when she died. She had the most beautiful skin and always used Caurnie soap.”

Lady at Farmers’ Market, Fort Shopping Centre, Glasgow


"I'm the youngest of three generations who've used Caurnie soap. My Grandmother, who had lovely skin all her long life, was the first and she initially bought it in 1925, my Mother who used it right through her life and now myself. As my Mother had life-long psoriasis and I have had life-long eczema a gentle, pure soap has been extremely important to us. What a blessing Caurnie Soaperie and its lovely products has been to the three generations."
Diana Chapman, Northamptonshire


“I was on Radio Scotland telling people of the way Caurnie nettle soap had a great, positive effect on my husband’s skin. He suffers from psoriasis.”

Sandra, Glasgow


“We got your nettle shampoo at Silverburn Farmers’ Market and want more. It has dealt with my wife’s eczema problem.”

Mr Yule


“It was a good day when we went to Largs on holiday in 2009. We came across your soap man at the Farmers’ Market. We discussed our ward’s skin condition and how we and our GP were dealing with it. You suggested nettle soap and gave us a slice. When we got home, he tried it and it worked. It worked so well, we stopped using the medicated soap from the GP. We therefore ordered the mega pack of 24 bars of nettle soap and have never looked back.”

Mrs P. Elford, Norfolk


"Love your nettle soap, shampoo and moisturiser. My parents buy it from overtown farm farmers markets as I have eczema and the products are heaven! Thankyou" 

Fiona , Glasgow