The Caurnie Soap is now 100 years old...We turned 100 in jan 2022


Goodness that comes from our Scottish landscape to  your skin


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Welcome to the home of the finest natural skin care products from an award-winning Scottish Soaperie within an Organic Herb garden. Our Organic Nettle goes into Nettle soap Nettle Shampoo, Nettle Body Wash, Nettle Moisturiser and helps so many of our caurnie skin problem sufferers. Caurnie uses plants we grow not animal tested.

Ethical Consumer awarded us a Best Buy Award and you can view more opinions on the Why choose us page.


 the Tuesday come and buy at the Soaperie

Canal Street Kirkintilloch G66 1QZ  and buying in person at soaperie only one person served  at time from our front door  2m separation.

This is a regular chance to see a working soaperie which dates from the 1920s. It also happens to be the oldest and last working soaperie operating the coldprocess method in the world. The Cold Process is known as the natural way of soap making. Retaining the Oils natural glycerine (or glycerol) to help make the soap cleanse in very gentle way, retaining your skins natural oil mantle more effectively.

(Historically there were two  mainstream soapmaking methods, the Cold Process and the boiling process. Coldprocess soaps are much stickier and more humectant but are not suited to fast flow mass production. Boiling Process soaps have the glycerine removed chemically and are very easy to plod, mill,colour,fragrance and stamp at high production rates.)  

Some times this will include soap cutting demonstrations. The hand cutting assembly is unique in being a complete from new authentic traditional cold process equipment. Purchased in 1921 and used most days. Caurnie grow our own organic herbs and can be seen hanging and drying (Lavender, Thyme to Sage, Bog Myrtle) from the soaperie building and all sourced from central Scotland. We use more than one Organic Herb Garden but one of the gardens surrounds the Soaperie. We have planted over 20 types of herbs (from which we crop and incorporate into a range of body care products. We have been growing a Yarrow lawn for over 19 years . Yarrow: Achillies Milliefolia, its Latin name, hints at its long tradition as a wound herb. Achillies of the Troy Wars fame, is reputed to have used it on his wounded men to repair skin back to normal health. Yarrow when cut it forms a marvellous lawn, crowding out weeds. It takes many many years to establish.  

The time testing methods we use allow decades of customer experience to be beneficial to Caurnies range and the products are known to be unique. Pure soap made since the first days is still sought after by Multiple Chemical Sufferers  MCS and it has been associated with beneficial long term use  by MCS sufferers on  terrestrial television.  

 The John Muir Trail goes from Dunbar on the east coast to Helensburgh on the Clyde coast.

Noramly before CorVir19  You will find Caurnie natural soap stalls at Farmers markets in Edinburgh Glasgow Perth and Fife .

If you have any questions about our Scottish soap and traditional, natural body care products, please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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Milngavie farmers' market