Herbal natural soap


Appreciate our Historic Soaperie only on Tuesday morning and  due to health and safety concerns limited to viewable area near to the sales cabinet.

The Soaperie has a unique quality with customers remarking that it has an "Old Curiosity Shop" feel with a waft of whatever Essential oil we are currently using in the manufacture. Hand made and authentic 1920s from the granite floor to the soap splattered rafters.





Soap cutting tools give a faithful adhearance to a tradition worth conserving . 

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Pure Soap 224g we will do it unpacked  but in a white bag  zerowaste style  unless your request it to be plastic wrapped


In stock


In stock
can be shipped within 7 days


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nettle shampoo  no smell


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Nettle Moisturiser in 50g glass Jar. Problem skin suitable Vegan Legendary at Scottish farmers markets


In stock
can be shipped within 5 days

£25.00 / unit(s)

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can be shipped within 8 days

6 bars of vegan soap strung 100g

£30.00 / pack(s)

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