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You can order a part selection of our range  through this way in BigBarn the Best farmers market on the web


Check out on   search for caurnie


A selection of Caurnie products is available at the Mugdock Makkers shop in Mugdock Country Park(the courtyard stables block) just outside Milngavie open every day in afternoons throughout the year. 

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Caurnie soaperie Wholesoap 100g 12 round bars (UFO shape) unwrapped and in a number of types

£42.00 / pack(s)

In stock
can be shipped within 5 days

5 Peppermint soaps from Caurnie . Wonderfully fresh  cool and  memorable. 70g chamfered soaps

Hand made in using soaperie garden herb . 


Peppermint has a reputation of enhancing memory, 

£29.00 / pack(s)

In stock
can be shipped within 5 days