Why choose us?

At Caurnie Soap, you can buy the finest natural skin cleansers on the market. We make this claim with confidence because we are a family firm with approaching 100 years of experience. We are committed to giving you the best natural skin care products.


There are so many reasons to buy and use our products, but here are a few of the most important ones that keep our customers coming back time and time again.

  • Improve the appearance and texture of your skin with Caurnie's traditional, natural body care products. We make everything by hand.using time tested original 1920s equipment
  • If you have sensitivity to the chemicals in commercial skin care products, we can help. We have organic, chemical-free alternatives. These give relief to skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
  • You’ll discover we offer excellent value. Our fresh herb soap and other products are long lasting and retain their quality. Our soap, for example, does not become mushy after repeated use.
  • Furthermore, we try source all our ingredients locally, and use ethical methods of farming and processing.

WeCMP-20121023-0005.jpg offer a wide range of natural skin care products including:

  • fresh herb soap, including nettle soap and botanical soaps
  • organic shampoos, shower gels and body washes
  • body butters and skin lotions, including the award-winning bog myrtle body butter

We don't just produce and sell these products, we can also give you advice about the natural soap and shampoo to use for psoriasis and eczema. Talk to us about the full range of options we have available for you.


When people use our products, they love them!

  • Ethical Consumer gave us a Best Buy Award.
  • Caurnie soap was featured in Vogue magazine's “Secret Address Book” which was dated December 2011.
  • We were mentioned in weekend notes for Stockbridge Market.
  • We were mentioned in the Dear Doctor Magazine ... "say goodbye to symptoms of sensitive skin" 2015